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Several Methodologies for Several Needs


Sound and the creative sciences as healing instruments have been studied and used for a long time, still surprisingly effective and without side effects.

Starting from the physical level through kinaesthetic stimulations and arriving at the cognitive/behavioral level, with techniques to harmonize brain states, we can scan rhythms and sequences of intra and inter-personal interactions.

bagno sonoro
Individual Technique

Sound Therapy

The use of specific frequencies produced by Signing Bowls directly in contact with the body, Gongs, Binaural Music Techniques, Essential Oils characterize the Sound Therapy sessions.
The treatment also includes radiesthetic readings of one’s own energy state.

Group Technique


Sound Bath

It is a unique meditative concert, where users are totally immersed in cascades of vibrant sounds, emitted by ancestral and sacred, unconventional instruments. In a silent and welcoming environment, users finds a position that facilitates the complete relaxation of body and mind being guided in this experience.

bagno sonoro
Individual Technique

Cymatic Therapy 

Cyma Therapy is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease, but is a non-invasive sound therapy that helps clients improve their daily life by reducing stress, pain and strengthening the immune system. Whether you are looking for a natural approach to reducing stress and chronic pain or you also want to take a preventive approach to maintaining your health, our AMI750 protocol is for you.

Individual Technique


Mindfulness is a practice that consists of paying conscious attention to the present moment and addressing the nature of things in a non-judgmental and compassionate way. It is a way of being and relating to our inner and outer experiences, of making contact with our senses, literally and metaphorically. At the same time, it is nothing more than a rediscovery or a reminder of our innate capacity to be completely present in our lives, in contact with what surrounds us without filter of concepts, past experiences, sympathies and antipathies.

mani sul cuore
Group Technique

Music Therapy

With the term Music Therapy, we indicate a creative and relational process in support of the user or group aimed at achieving, improving, maintaining or re-establishing a condition of well-being through the use of the sound-musical element (sound, rhythm, melody and harmony) and the relationships that develop through it. Music therapy aims to develop the potential and/or residual resources of the individual in order to promote intra- and interpersonal integration and improve the quality of life.


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