Sound Therapy

Sound Bath

Sound as Vibration

The Sound Therapy

When we talk about “Sound Therapy” today we usually mean a method that through the use of different types of instruments and therefore different types of sounds leads the body to relax and (re)find its own well-being.

Sound therapy is based on a universal principle that everything is vibration. In fact, every single thing in our universe is composed of tiny particles that vibrate with each other.
This also applies to the cells in our body. When we are in a state of equilibrium, all our cells vibrate in a way that creates a harmonious dance.

Our hectic life in the modern world, however, often willingly disturbs this cell dance.
With Sound Therapy, thanks to the principle of resonance according to which acoustic waves act on a physical system that reacts by vibrating “out of sympathy” at the same frequency as the sound emitted, it is possible to recreate that harmonious dance of the cells that is the basis of our well-being.

Moreover, as the experiments of cymatics (the science of waves) show, sound is able to order matter. In order to visualize this phenomenon, a slab covered with very fine sand is used, making it vibrate by stimulating it through various sound frequencies.
The result is the creation of different geometric figures that change according to the frequency of the sound.

In addition to the effect of resonance, Sound Therapy has the great power to put us into a state of deep relaxation in a simple way. In this way it activates our parasympathetic nervous system which fights the negative effects caused by stress, triggering natural self-healing mechanisms and making us regain our physical and mental balance.



Reduction of stress-related problems, such as headaches, sleep problems, lack of energy, etc.
Prevention of the development of burnout syndrome
Reduction of anxiety disorders and likelihood of panic attacks
Improvement of mood swings
Reduction of psychosomatic disorders
Increased ability to concentrate
Rebalancing of energy centres

Sound Bath

Sound therapy sessions are characterized by the use of ancient instruments combined with advanced technology.

The Sound Bath

In addition to the classic individual treatment I also deal with group sound harmonization.
During the harmonic sound bath the participants enter a state of deep relaxation thanks to the creation of a real sound concert that immerses the participants in what can be defined as an ocean of sounds, thus making them live a unique and unforgettable experience.
The sound of the Tibetan bells is joined by other instruments such as the shamanic drum, the rain stick, the ocean drum, the gong, etc..
In the harmonizations you can also insert short moments of guided meditation, poetry reading or other, avoiding however to take away the main role of the sound that always represents the main thread.

If you want to escape for a moment from the hectic world and stress of everyday life and want to be transported to another world, giving yourself a moment of pleasant relaxation by taking a small sound journey and if you want to experience one of the many benefits of sound and vibration massage, then do not hesitate to contact me.

I will lead you in this experience dedicating myself completely to you and with sensitivity and delicacy I will make you live a relaxing and at the same time regenerating break bringing your body and your mind back to their natural state of well-being.

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