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Passion and Dedication as Composer and Music Therapist


Simone Gatto, multifaceted composer, graduated in Communication Sciences and specialized in Music Therapy and Integrated Arts Therapies.

Professor of Music Therapy at the National Institute of Arts Therapies – Artedo and of Sound Therapy and Mindfulness at the Academy of Vibrational Medicine, in 2017 he specializes in Cymatic Therapy (an advanced sound therapy) at Cyma Technologies in Atlanta (US) and composes meditative soundtracks for various companies and international applications dedicated to the psychophysical well-being of the person.


Since 2018 he has been serving in various rehabilitation centers and facilities in the region for a total of over 3000 hours of work experience. During his training as a Music Therapist he follows the training with Prof. Rolando Benenzon in parallel, becoming a technician of his model of Music Therapy in 2019.

In 2020 he becomes a facilitator in Mindfulness accrediting himself with Mindfulness Educators, after having acquired and practiced Mindfulness in previous years in the United States, following various courses and seminars with Jon Kabat Zinn and Eckhart Tolle. In the same year he obtained the Masters in Life Coaching at Adsum and founded his private studio Qui ed Ora in Nardò – Lecce where he works every day with various types of users, from personal growth paths for adults to workshops for children with behavioral disorders and antenatal classes.


Music Therapist

Trained at the National Institute of Arts Therapies, Simone is involved in music therapy, studying, researching and actively working in the clinical, educational and personal growth field according to different approaches.



In recent years Simone has held several workshops and seminars in Italy, Germany and Holland on psychoacoustics and sound therapy.
Since 2017 he has been conducting research together with the University of Salento on the benefits of the application of frequencies and musical compositions on plants and animals.



Acclaimed composer and live performer with several releases to his credit, since 2010 he has been running two independent record labels and performs regularly in clubs and theaters all over the world.


An internationally acclaimed performer and composer since 2006, Simone has had three albums and several publications to his credit. He is A&R and owner of two independent record labels (OUT-ER and Pregnant Void) which release electroacoustic music in its various forms on both physical and digital media.

Simone’s third full-length album, Harmonic Resonance System 432 Hz, was released in February 2020 and represents his first album entirely dedicated to a therapeutic purpose, with the choice of sounds consciously made to encourage meditation, relaxation and to support the body’s innate capacity for self-healing


The practical experience combined with academic experience have consolidated the artistic background with the new skills learned.
A specific profile is necessary to enter into an empathic connection with each individual case and to be able to better understand and manage critical issues

Laurea Triennale

Scienze della Comunicazione 

Università del Salento

Corso Lab Professional

Arti Terapie

Istituto Nazionale delle Arti Terapie – Artedo

Master di I Livello

Terapia Cimatica

Cyma Technologies

Master di I Livello

Formazione Formatori


Master di I Livello


Tecnico del Modello Benenzon



Mindfulness Educators Italia


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