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Sound therapy (also known as Sound Healing) is based on a universal principle according to which everything is vibration. In fact, every single thing in our universe is made up of tiny particles that vibrate with each other. This also applies to the cells in our body. When we are in a state of balance, all of our cells vibrate to create a harmonious dance.

Our hectic life in the modern world, however, often willingly disturbs this dance of the cells. With Sound Therapy, thanks to the principle of resonance according to which acoustic waves act on a physical system that reacts by vibrating “out of sympathy” at the same frequency as the sound emitted, it is possible to recreate that harmonious dance of the cells that is the basis of our well-being.

The human body can be metaphorically understood as an orchestra, with every organ, bone, tissue and part having a resonant frequency, a phenomenon known as bio-resonance. Together these parts make up a composite frequency which is your personal resonant frequency which could be defined as a harmonic tone which is the sum total of all the frequencies that are resonating. We are therefore like a wonderful orchestra, playing a fantastic melody that keeps us whole and healthy.

If we continue with our metaphor of the human body as an orchestra, we might see the concept of disease as when the second violin, for example, loses the score and starts playing in the wrong key, and eventually causes the whole orchestra sounds bad.

Western medicine tries to solve the problem with drugs or surgery. But what if it were possible to return his score to the poor musician and let the whole orchestra come back to normal? This, in essence, is the concept of using resonance to heal with sound.


The phenomenon in which sound vibrations are used to shift the vibrations of something else is called entrainment. With drag, the powerful vibrations of one object actually change the vibrations of another object, causing this second object to synchronize with the first. This is a phenomenon of nature that seems to have to do with the conservation of energy.

We often experience entrainment regarding our internal rhythms. Our heart rate, breathing rate, and brainwave activity interact with each other. If you want to experience it immediately, just take a few deep, long breaths. By slowing your breathing in this way, you also slow down your heart rate and breathing. Conversely, when brainwaves slow down, heart rate and breathing also slow down.

One phrase I like to use for this drag phenomenon is “frequency shift“. It means changing the vibrational rate of an organism with a different speed in order to achieve more balance, harmony and health. When through techniques that use sound frequencies we shift the vibrations of an organ, or perhaps our chakras to another level of resonance, we are actually changing the frequencies. If a part of our human or etheric body vibrates at a disharmonious level and we drag it into another vibration, it is a change in frequency.

Like all other organs, the nervous system also has a variable natural frequency, that is, a frequency that varies according to the interactions that occur: it can be excited or inhibited depending on the situation, which causes an increase or decrease in its own frequency. One of the peculiarities of our brain, and which differentiates it from all the other organs of our body (from the vibrational point of view), is its sensitivity to any instrument that emits frequency waves since it tends to tune naturally with the external signal; this means that the vibratory frequency of the brain can be easily influenced and modifiable simply by listening to certain sound frequencies. With sound healing and vibrational medicine, thanks to the harmonious sounds created by tibetan bowls or other instruments, we can also create a resonance with the brainwaves of the person being treated by stimulating the alpha and theta waves that accompany you in a state of homeostasis and relaxation. If you want to know more read my article on the synchronization and induction of brain waves through sound.


The sound therapy sessions are characterized by the use of ancient instruments and advanced technology. My goal as sound therapist and holistic practitioner is to calm the nervous system and bring it into a state of balance. These sessions are more than just a moment of relaxation. They can help balance brain activity and lead the user to a new way of responding to stress. In the sessions I use guided meditation techniques to help you practice conscious listening to your physical presence, connecting your mind to your breath and increasing your awareness of yourself. I lead users through their imaginations as I create soothing and healing soundscapes to help you feel balanced, positive, calm and recharged. Specifically, anyone who undergoes a sound healing session will enjoy the following beneficial effects:

  • Reduction of stress-related problems, such as headaches, sleep problems, lack of energy, etc.
  • Prevention of the development of burnout syndrome
  • Reduction of anxiety disorders and the likelihood of panic attacks
  • Improvement of mood swings
  • Reduction of psychosomatic disorders
  • Increased ability to concentrate
  • Rebalancing of the energy centers

The main tools that I use in sound therapy sessions are:

  • Tibetan bowls
  • Tuning fork
  • Shamanic drum
  • Rain stick
  • Hang Drum
  • Ocean Drum
  • Gong
  • Koshi


The sound massage consists in placing the Tibetan bowls directly on the body of the person being treated or around it.

It therefore works both on the physical body and on the energy body of the person. By placing the bowls on the body, two results are obtained: on the one hand, it is possible to exploit the benefits related to the sound of the bell itself, the power of its harmonics and its balancing frequencies, on the other hand, the vibrational work is added.

The vibration emitted by the Tibetan bells is transmitted to the underlying body and since the adult human body is made up of at least 70% water, this body composition of ours allows for the expansion of the vibration within the body.

In this way all the cells begin to vibrate and during their dance they slowly find their original order. The treatment lasting an hour is carried out both on the front and on the back of the body.

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In addition to the classic individual treatment, I also deal with group sound harmonizations common called sound bath.

During the harmonic sound bath, participants enter a state of deep relaxation thanks to the creation of a real sound concert that immerses the participants in what can be defined as an ocean of sounds, thus making them live a unique and unforgettable experience.

The sound of Tibetan bowls is joined by other instruments such as the shamanic drum, the rain stick, the ocean drum, the gong, etc.

In the harmonizations it is also possible to insert brief moments of guided meditation, poetry reading or other, avoiding however to remove the main role to the sound that always represents the common thread.

If you want to escape for a moment from the hectic world and the stress of everyday life

and you want to be transported to another world, giving yourself a moment of pleasant relaxation by embarking on a small sound journey and if you want to experience one of the many benefits of sound massage or you want to define a path of Sound Therapy and Mindfulness, then do not hesitate to contact me!

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