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Do you suffer from tinnitus? I bet you have often heard that ‘for tinnitus there is nothing to be done’. Those who support it offer false information to those who suffer from it that only worsens their emotional state.

On the other hand, it is established that tinnitus is cured and an effective remedy for tinnitus is sound therapy.

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What is tinnitus?

With the term tinnitus we mean the presence of a continuous sound in the ear that can have the characteristic of a rustling, whistling, hissing more frequently. Knowing what type of tinnitus you have is important in determining which professional to consult.

Acute tinnitus: Sudden onset of ringing in the ears, without explanation, lasting less than three months. Any sudden changes that occur in your hearing or in the ear should prompt you to see an otolaryngologist (ENT). This includes acute tinnitus and any noticeable changes in your hearing or in the perception of the sounds of the world around you. Many diseases are completely treatable, but you have to do it early.

Chronic tinnitus: A constant ringing in the ears that lasts for over three months. It is strongly recommended that you consult a hearing care professional with training and experience in treating patients suffering from tinnitus. These professionals have an in-depth knowledge of the different tinnitus treatment options and will thoroughly discuss your needs and possible solutions with you.

In general, tinnitus sounds are so annoying that they can affect the life of the person who suffers from them, for example, hearing them during the day may not be a problem at all, but hearing them at night, means that the person in question cannot rest. detriment to the energy recharge of rest, with consequent irritation, nervousness, tension, anxiety.

The most severe form of tinnitus is accompanied by vertigo, in which case it is called Ménière’s syndrome. In terms of sound, tinnitus ranges from 4,000 to 20,000 Hertz. Clearly, it is assumed that, depending on the intensity, there may be differentiated disturbances. From statistical studies, it has been revealed that over 10-14% of the world population suffers or has suffered from it. In addition, there is a higher prevalence of people over 65 and of males.

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Sound therapy and Tinnitus

Sound has a very high healing power, as it was already known in ancient civilizations all over the world, on the other hand Physics teaches us that sound propagates faster in water than in air and so the human body, being composed from about 70% water, it proves to be an excellent conductor of sound. Furthermore, the human body, like the whole universe, naturally vibrates at specific frequencies; the disease manifests itself when the balance and vibrational harmony between its parts are lost: body, mind and spirit.

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One of the most recognized treatment plans for tinnitus is sound therapy.

Any sound or noise is perceived by us in a vibrational movement, as our body and our mind react differently to the noise, take for example the annoyance we feel with the incessant noise of a pneumatic hammer compared to that of the the roar of the water of a stream, of a music, or of a music box, etc., etc. In other words, each of us can confirm that some sounds make us feel and feel better than others and act in a positive way on our nervous system and cerebral. Numerous researches support the thesis that when some sounds are personalized, they are favorable to us and used directly, they can help reduce stress states and create a deep sense of well-being by assisting a natural self-healing, able to improve physical energy. and health. In our center, using different techniques of sound therapy, we have achieved important results on users suffering from TINNES AND EAR BUZZERS, assisting in a concrete way in the reduction or in many cases the resolution of the disorder.

By presenting additional sounds that the ears can focus on, tinnitus becomes less noticeable. The purpose of this type of tinnitus management is to help you consider it less so that you get relief.

One of the initial goals is to teach your brain to reclassify the noise of tinnitus as an unimportant sound that blends into the background. A visual analogy helps explain how sound therapy works: Tinnitus is represented by the brightness of the stars in the night sky. The contrast between a bright star and its background in a dark environment highlights the star and makes it hard to ignore. The same star in daylight blurs into the illuminated background and, although it is still there, it is more difficult to spot.

You can read a full study on Sound Therapy and Tinnitus here.

This and other scientific researches have recently shown that Sound Therapy is a effective remedy for tinnitus.

Sound therapy techniques as an effective remedy for tinnitus

In many European countries in recent years, various techniques of sound therapy have been experimented with combined with holistic practices such as mindfulness meditation, counseling and pranotherapy to treat or reduce the effects of tinnitus. According to holistic medicine, this disorder has to do with the balance of pressure in the middle and inner ear, with microcirculation, and for psychosomatics, “it is questionable whether we are not putting ourselves under too much pressure to achieve goals. or deadlines “.

Mindfulness Meditation for example is the practice of paying attention in a non-judgmental way to one’s experience in the present moment, accepting it unconditionally for what it is.

This technique practiced constantly trains our mind not to attach or oppose more to thoughts, emotions, sensations and external stimuli, but to observe them as an impartial witness, therefore not to identify with them but to notice their transitory nature. This can significantly reduce the effect of stress and also help us reduce a disorder such as tinnitus.

If you are interested in learning more about mindfulness meditation for stress management, I will talk about it in depth here

There are also some sound therapy techniques that are an effective remedy for tinnitus as listening can alleviate the discomfort of the continuous “whistling” in the ear, causing the brain to ignore it, assimilating it to the tones it records.

Binaural Beats: They represent the difference in frequency between the left and right ear. For the 

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Isochronic Tones: An Isochronic Tone is a tone that is turned on and off at the desired frequency. They create crisp and distinctive sound impulses. By transmitting isochronic tones through headphones or speakers in a frequency range between about 0.5 and 25 Hertz, it is possible to create a resonance effect and change the frequency of the dominant brain waves up or down, helping to achieve the desired brain state .

Active listening exercises on a daily basis, specially prepared according to the frequency of tinnitus, lasting 15 minutes each. This conditioned listening exercise with positive “reinforcement” aims to speed up the time it takes to carry out the plastic rearrangements that occur within the CNS. The active listening exercise consists in making the user listen to an audio recording, who must recognize the number of intensity increases (+2 dB for the duration of 2 seconds) or pauses (lasting 2 seconds) placed at the internal sound stimulus. The numbers of increments and pauses vary for each individual exercise, so that the patient truly listens to “active”.

Relaxing sound melodies, also created based on the frequency of the tinnitus and with variable duration. These melodies are mostly formed by sounds of nature or fractal sounds (these are non-repetitive stimuli generated randomly by a specific algorithm) and their function is to determine a state of relaxation of the patient capable of deconditioning from the ‘tinnitus;

Humming: a very simple vocal technique to reduce tinnitus and chronic stress.

In practice, a closed lips sound is produced which internally transmits harmonic vibrations capable of relaxing the diaphragm and dissolving tensions. And even, as the medical pathologist Karel Jindrak proved, the vibrations of humming reach the brain, exercise a kind of massage that helps eliminate metabolic waste, accelerating metabolism, creating homeostasis in the body.

432 Hz Energy Cleanse, Binaural Beat, Healing Meditation

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